7/12/2012 10:58:00 AM

Yuji Ramen Closes at Kinfolk Studios, Will Frej Expand?

On a recent walk in Williamsburg, we noticed that Yuji Ramen's hours of operation and logo had been removed from Kinfolk Studios, an design shop that plays host to temporary restaurants. Once inside, a bartender confirmed that the pop-up noodle shop had "run its course" and could not elaborate on what new dining concept, if any, might take its place. Chef Yuji Haraguchi confirmed the closure on July 8th via the pop up's Facebook page, which indicated that his weekend stint at Smorgasburg would continue.

While we're certainly going to miss chowing down on mazeman noodles by candlelight, could the void left by Yuji's departure signal the expansion of foodie favorite Frej into a full-time operation? It was one of our hottest openings of the year. Or, will another pop-up take over the space? Stay tuned for more details as this story develops - we put in a request for comment from the Frej folks and will let you know what they say (as we're sure diners jockeying for a reservation there will be happy to have more days available on the schedule).


  1. Due to a raid by health and safety inspectors, Yuji Ramen was forced to cease trading. No surprise to anyone who went there.

  2. As an aside to the above news, which I wasn't aware of, this instant noodles-meets-out-of-date-eggs mess is partly run by Luke Davin, a man with a history of assaulting women. Closed for good, one hopes.