7/13/2012 09:41:00 AM

Your Guide to NYC's New Nautical-Themed Restaurants

Wharf chic is totally in
New York's culinary scene is drowning in a sea of nautically themed restaurants and we love fishing for puns around these openings. We're not a psychologist, but we think the ahoy-matey craze goes back to the inner childhood desire to play captain, aka to paint  a boat on the side of a box and "set out to sea." Check out the below for a primer on these semi-seaworthy haunts, and figure out which one to visit based on it's similarity to a famous craft.

Extra Fancy: This stylish Williamsburg seafood shack looks more inspired by a dock than a ship, so let's call this one wharf-chic. The menu is full of indulgent, New England-inspired classics that can be paired with serious-minded cocktails. The bartenders are all mustachey, and everyone who drinks here seems kind of poor. It's like the Pequod, since this ragtag group is willing to follow Ishamael to their doom for some beer money.

Grey Lady: Gritty and hip, there are plenty of bearded drinkers in this LES watering hole, which serves up buckets of steamers and some beers inspired by the shore. There is distressed wood and old-timey artwork, but flourishes like a classic rock soundtrack make this place more modern. We're calling this one the Andrea Gail, after the boat made famous by The Perfect Storm, if only because we wouldn't be surprised if Marky Mark walked in for a beer.

Lake Trout: This spankin' new eatery in Williamsburg pays homage to Baltimore's salt-water-soaked culture and comes from a few alums of neighborhood barbecue joint Fette Sau. This nautical watering hole is like the Pride of Baltimore, which sank 17 ships during the War of 1812. Instead of cannon balls, this joint takes aim with fish sandwiches and beer.

Prandial: Officially opening next week, this Chelsea New American has an interior that's modeled after luxury, post-war ocean liners that were used to cross the Atlantic. The industrial decor is set off with a New American menu - although the liners may have been totally posh you won't break the bank by eating here. This more upscale Manhattan offering is like the SS Michalengelo, one of those aforementioned liners, or the modern day QE2 without all the old people.

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