7/19/2012 11:31:00 AM

Yo! Sushi Rolls Into Union Station on July 25

Yo Sushi, the international brand that delivers sushi and Japanese dishes via a conveyor belt (kaiten) to customers seated at an eating bar, is scheduled to open its first U.S. location in Union Station next week. Stationed in the West Hall on the main concourse, this futuristic concept will offer on-the-go eating for Capitol Hill staffers and travelers. As far as decor, the colorful red, orange and white setting will feature a mural with a collage of urban Tokyo and DC images.

Some 70 dishes, including sushi rolls, noodles, salads, tempura and curries, will travel on the belt, with plates color coded for price. A computer monitor makes sure the dishes don’t keep going around for more than an hour, and each seat at the counter has a LED call button to summon staffers who will bring sake, shochu, wine and beer. For those who'd prefer full waiter service, four tables will be available.

50 Massachusetts Ave. NE; 202-408-1716


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