7/09/2012 03:49:00 PM

Where’s Ravi Kapur? Liholiho Yacht Club Docks at State Bird Provisions

For some foodies, following the whereabouts of peripatetic former Nancy Oakes’ protege Ravi Kapur is a sport akin to inside baseball. It’s been half a year since Kapur left his post at Prospect to strike out on his own, and for the last few months he’s been wowing the underground supper club scene with his Hawaiian-inspired restaurant pop-up Liholiho Yacht Club, which has been roosting on Monday evenings at SoMa's Citizen’s Band

Well, it’s time to update your calendar, because Kapur’s just announced that he’s relocating his operations to State Bird Provisions in the Fillmore, at least for the next two Sunday nights.

Each dinner will feature a family style meal comprised of 12 dishes, priced at $50 per person (excluding beverages, tax and tips). Reservations for the pop-up dinners can be made on the State Bird Provisions website, but to keep abreast of future pop-up dates, stay tuned to their Twitter account @liholihoclub or the Facebook page. Check out the potential sample menu for the upcoming events (courtesy of Inside Scoop), that includes the likes of tuna poke with taro chips, fried quail Korean-style (hey, when in Rome) and tofu with pickled eggplant and dried shrimp, culiminating with coco puffs and custard mochi.

Liholiho Yacht Club at State Bird Provisions

  • albacore tuna poke, avocado, radish, taro chips 
  • smoked tako, lemon cucumber, fermented turnip, sesame 
  • potato salad, seaweed ranch, crunchy nori 
  • tofu, pickled eggplant, dried shrimp & chili 
  • manilla clams, pork belly, black bean sauce
  • fried quail korean style
  • pork ribs with pear, fish sauce & lime 
  • vinegar sausage, vermicelli, peanuts 
  • hurricane corn on the cob 
  • lotus leaf sticky rice
  • coco puffs 
  • custard mochi
Liholiho Yacht Club; July 15 and July 22, at State Bird Provisions, 1529 Fillmore Street, reservations available here.


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