7/30/2012 10:59:00 AM

Where to Drink a Pisco Sour in London

With an onslaught of Peruvian restaurants opening around the capital, a pisco sour is the cocktail du jour. The ice-cold refresher is made using pisco (South American grape brandy), lemon or lime juice, sugar, bitters and sometimes an egg white. Below are five of our favourite places to find one in London...

As well as the traditional version, the Soho restaurant also serves a Passion Sour made with passion fruit purée and a Pisco Punch using pineapple syrup (0207 292 2040).

La Bodega Negra
Although not actually a Peruvian restaurant, the Soho Mexican joint serves a traditional pisco sour (020 7758 4100).

Peru and Chile both claim to have invented pisco, so this undercover Shoreditch cocktail bar provides a compromise with their Sangre Chilean - a mix of Chilean pisco and Peruvian bitters (0207 253 4101).

If you manage to get a reservation at Dabbous, make sure to try a Grapes of Wrath. The martini cocktail is made from pisco, damson syrup, plum bitters, cranberry juice and lemon (020 7323 1544).

The cocktail list at the new Japanese/Brazilian/Peruvian restaurant hasn't yet been finalised, but we are told that the bartender would be more than happy to mix us a pisco sour (020 3640 7330).


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