7/20/2012 12:59:00 PM

What's Great About the Valley? A Lot, Apparently

A Northridge classic
A local writer pens a love letter to the San Fernando Valley in the New York Times, saying that that huge expanse over the hill is "home to dozens of un-self-consciously excellent neighborhood restaurants, old-school cocktail lounges, uncompromisingly authentic ethnic markets and a gamut of overlooked treasures, from hiking trails to architectural landmarks." In short, the Valley is an assemblage of neighborhood gems, and you know how much we love those.

Highlighted are serveral places to eat and drink: Brent's Deli for corned beef and whitefish; Stovepiper for a quick cocktail; Munch Box for burgers; the Encino farmers market, and Vallarta Supermarket and Carrillo's Mexican Deli for groceries. Of course, everyone has their sushi joint, and the writer's is Go's Mart in Canoga Park. The point is, there's so much to explore in the Valley, and this is just one person's view. So what are your favorite local spots? Please let us know in comments and we'll pull together our own Valley eating guide.


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