7/12/2012 11:15:00 AM

Weekend Planner: Food Truck Day, Garden Walks and Pre-Game Pitchfork

Skip the fried food at Pitchfork, have brunch at Nellcôte before the fest.
Food Trucks
In preparation for their meeting at City Hall on the 19th to discuss new ordinances, today has been declared Chicago Food Truck Day. Show your support by joining the trucks outside Fischman Liquors and Tavern tonight from 6-8 PM (773-545-0123).

Farm Dinner
From a beet salad to ravioli covered in gooseberries and lamb garnished with fava beans and blueberries, Friday’s farm dinner with Nichols Farm at 2 Sparrows will offer the freshest flavors of the summer. Tickets cost $45 (773-234-2320).

Garden Walk
Stroll the weekend away at Bucktown’s annual Tree and Garden Walk. Guides can be obtained at Lottie’s Pub, along with $4 vodka lemonades and half-off pizzas. An after party with local musicians, Italian bites and their signature “Six Corners Fizz” cocktail is a Club Lucky on Saturday and Sunday.

Pitchfork comes into town this weekend. Before the raging begins Nellcôte wants to ensure festival-goers are properly fed and liquored-up with their new summer brunch menu and “Pitchfork Pitchers” (312-432-0500).

Wine Class
Avoid that awkward moment when the server asks what wine you would like to sip while taking in the view of the river and you can only respond with a blank stare. The summer wines on the patio class at Bin 36 takes place Tuesday at 7:30 PM and costs $45 (312-755-9463).


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