7/05/2012 03:38:00 PM

The Week in Gordon Ramsay: Angry Tweets, Raps and More

Like Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi before them, the alliance between Hell’s Kitchen contestants Robyn Almodovar and Kimmie Willis was too powerful to last.

It was doomed from the start by Almodovar’s intense fury and secret relationship with Emperor Palpatine, not to mention Willis’ stubborn determination and use of the force to julienne carrots the lazy way.

It all started on Monday night’s episode when the red team had to choose between dishes made by Almodovar and Willis to present to Gordon Ramsay. Red chose Almodovar’s dish. 

Ramsay hated it, tried Willis’ dish, said it was better and said the Red team would have won the challenge if they had gone with Willis’ dish.

And then the two exploded in a fight the likes of which Hell’s Kitchen has never seen.
Through roughly 90 minutes of foul-mouthed back and forth between the two, a couple of lines stick out:

“Oh Kimmie, suck <bleep>”, Almodovar said at one point.

Boom, who’s the padowan now?

“Your ears need to be cleaned out, b*tch,” Willis broke through the bleeps to yell.

Now who has the higher ground, Anakin? Put down the light saber.

Ultimately, everyone on red team got in Willis’ corner, most likely because of this rap she performed:
Before we knew it, Robyn was on her way to an alliance with the dark side. Ramsay sent her away from the red kitchen and the show ended with her preparing to cross sabers with the men on blue team.

Meanwhile, in the MasterChef kitchen, viewers learned an important lesson: fat people are supposed to have difficulty making tortellini.

A selection of quotes about contestant David Martinez’s participation and performance in a tortellini-making challenge:

“I don’t think his fat fingers are an advantage today,” said Gordon Ramsay.

“I think David’s going home. He’s got fat fingers to match the attitude,” said contestant Monti Carlo.

“How did those fat fingers make such perfect tortellini, they’re beautiful,” said Joe Bastianich.

Perhaps spurred on by the negativity, things started getting a little ugly on MasterChef.

On Tuesday night, contestant Becky Reams was asked who she thought would be eliminated next and she replied “Cowboy” Mike Hill, because he “doesn’t have enough passion.”

Hill took to Twitter to register his disdain.

“Ohhh sh*t!” He tweeted. “Becky bite my ass!!!”

Reams was right and Hill was eliminated.

But the night’s ugliest moment came when Bastianich was so unimpressed with a bowl of soup submitted by Martinez that he threw the dish in the trash … literally the whole dish, bowl included. Pretty lame move, Bastianich. Pretty lame.

Not even Darth Almodovar would be that wasteful. 


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