7/25/2012 03:28:00 PM

Wednesday Crab Boil at Route 6 and Three Lobster Deals

The one drawback to dining out at the best restaurants in town is you have to mind your manners: no elbows on the table, don’t eat with your fingers, wipe your mouth after each bite. To escape the decorum and let your inner food beast out, head to Route 6 for its Wednesday night crab boils. Each week for the rest of the summer at the Stephen Starr seafooder, cooked-to-order Maryland crabs will be available for dinner, steamed with Old Bay and served whole with drawn butter. Also on the side comes a handy wooden mallet and a paper bib, which you will no doubt appreciate as you crack, crunch and tear into the crustaceans in search of the sweet meat inside. Crabs run $6.50-$7.50 each, with a minimum of three to an order (215-391-4600).

Lobster lovers can also get their fix on Wednesday eves, with the twin lobster special at Sansom Street’s Oyster House. Two whole steamed beauties come on a plate with butter and corn on the cob for $23 each. Pair the dish with a pound of peel-and-eat shrimp for $18 and you’ve got a serious seafood splurge (215-567-7683).

On Thursdays, lobster specials can be found both in and outside the city. At Kris, the casual South Philly revamp of Kristian Leuzzi’s former fine-dining Italian, a 1¼-lb. crawler is seasoned with a rotating salt (think fennel, chili or smoked flavors), plus corn on the cob for $23 per plate (215-468-0104). Out at West Conshohocken's Stella Blu, lobster comes with linguini and a grape tomato salad for $24.95 (610-825-7060).


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