7/16/2012 04:55:00 PM

Where Do You Stand on "Tweezer" Food?

Getty Images; Credit: Max Oppenheim
Jay Rayner’s recent "War on Tweezer Food" article in The Observer got us thinking about the Bay Area's own tweezer cuisine. In general, we agree that tweezers best belong in beauty salons, surgery rooms and possibly the fish station where they are the most effective tool for removing small bones. And while there is something a little creepy knowing that the contents of your plate have been given as much attention as you have at the restaurant, there’s no denying that this popular tool-of-the-trade creates some dramatic presentations.

Where do you weigh in on the Tweezer Wars? Below are 10 restaurants that have presentations that stun - do you find what they do inspiring, or not worth the effort?

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  1. I have 2 very long food tweezers in my kitchen that my husband bought me. They hang over head in my kitchen utensil area and I lovingly refer to them as my "pickle stickers"! My grandson thinks it's hysterical when I say that!