7/23/2012 10:35:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Sunday Dinner’s Market Burger

Burgers and art aren't the most traditional pairing, but they went together swimmingly at yesterday’s Azimuth Projects Pop-Up Gallery hosted by Sunday Dinner - the underground supper club hosted by chefs Joshua Kulp and Christine Cikowski. We dare you to name something that doesn’t pair well with burgers.

The BBQ took place in a Logan Square backyard, which also explained the audience of foodie hipsters. Guests started in the indoor art gallery, scoping out large-scale collages and photolithograph screen-prints while knocking back cocktails. Burgers were prepared under a tent in the backyard and enjoyed in the garden.

This burger has earned a bit of a reputation at Green City Market where it is served each Saturday –  brave souls who can manage the crowds are rewarded with an offering that has been called one of the best in Chicago. The pop-up offered an opportunity to appreciate the burger in a more serene setting.

The single beef patty cooked to medium on a charcoal grill is served on a bun from Red Hen Bread with arugula, sungold tomato mayo and horseradish cheddar spread. Named the “market burger” this creation embodies just that - fresh seasonal ingredients. The horseradish cheddar sauce is a unique addition that adds a slight bitterness with the cheese that us Midwesterners crave. It’s balanced by the sweet creaminess of the tomato mayo and stronger flavor of the arugula.

This burger is a seasonal treat and only available during the summer when the produce is fresh. Hopefully in the fall when the burgers go into hibernation there will be fried chicken to fulfill our comfort food cravings. The progress of Kulp and Cikowski's restaurant Honey Butter Fried Chicken is still unknown, but should open this year.


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