7/18/2012 09:34:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Steak Frites at La Marina

Tonight, none other than Mayor Mike Bloomberg is going to head up to the massive new restaurant La Marina to cut the ribbon, and he isn't just celebrating the joint because of the views. The 500 seat eatery created hundreds of jobs in the area - it's easily the biggest restaurant in this neighborhood and there are waiters, bartenders, busboys and kitchen employees galore to cater to the crowds (which were out in full force last night despite the fact that the joint isn't officially open).

We stopped by to check it out and grabbed a table in the open-air dining room. Even though it was way hot out yesterday, the breeze kept things very cool during dinner. The air from the river is why the management said they only had to shut the dining area's glass panels and fire up the A/C once. We enjoyed the mussels doused in white wine sauce but our favorite thing (besides those vistas of the George Washington Bridge) had to be the grilled steak, which was simply prepared, served with fries and delicious. The official opening of the eatery is today and the menu continues to expand - we certainly will be back to waste away more lazy summer days.


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