7/25/2012 09:35:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Kosher-American Cuisine at Jezebel

Arctic char at Jezebel 
What is Kosher-American cuisine? Well, it's not matzoh, that's for sure. We recently stopped by curious SoHo newcomer Jezebel to check out the bi-level eatery's take on Jewish fare and we found a selection that would be right at home in any other New American restaurant. There was a lamb burger with a side of chips, some grilled Arctic char served on a bed of peas and a sliced duck breast served with roasted fennel. The menu doesn't showcase Jewish classics, instead it touts a selection of simply prepared dishes that just happen to be Kosher. Even the beverages fall into this category, as we found when we tried to order a Negroni (Campari is not on the kosher list, apparently). It's a fun mash-up, and the restaurant plays with the idea in their choice of artwork as well. When you're smearing that Kosher beef tartare onto a chip you may notice Larry David's head grafted on to an all-Jewish celeb version of the Last Supper. Don't worry, that's a look of approval he's throwing your way.


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