7/13/2012 04:51:00 PM

Tao Cafe Closes, Mission Hot Spot to Rise Again?

Driving by Guerrero this week, we discovered that the Tao Cafe was papered over. After 10 years of serving authentic low-key midpriced French-Vietnamese, the owner has closed her business, at least in that location. A signed in the window informs customers that the cafe is "searching for a new home." However, the prime Mission spot isn't about to lay fallow for very long. According to the sign and the restaurant's website, "something new and exciting" is about to replace it in August, apparently under a new name and with a new cuisine.

We haven't been able to track down the new owner yet, but construction teams having been working furiously on the space. This promises to be an interesting development in an underrepresented part of the Mish, which counts other under-the-radar spots like Liberties, Tuba and Kiji as its neighbors. These days, Valencia gets all the love, but old-timers will remember that back in the last century (aka the '90s), the Tao Cafe space was home to the most talked-about, eccentric foodie spots in the city - the Flying Saucer, progenitor of the Mission hipster restaurant. With the relatively new cool-kid-on-the block Beast and & the Hare located just across the street, and the mighty Lone Palm bar just kitty corner to it, we think the corner of 22nd St and Guerrero is ripe for a resurgence.

While we keep our eyes on this spot, we want to hear from you. What are you favorite now-closed San Francisco restaurants? Tell us in the comments.


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