7/12/2012 02:34:00 PM

Seoul Sausage: Non-Food Truck Food Truck of the Week

The word is out today that LA-based Seoul Sausage will be featured on this season's Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network, but the twist is that the contestants don't actually have trucks - yet. That was the goal of the show, to win the truck you roamed the country with. While it remains to be seen if Seoul Sausage gets four wheels or not, we do know that the owners have been working on a brick-and-mortar shop, which will open at Sawtelle and Mississippi before the August 19 debut of the show.

Seoul Sausage is the brainchild of three friends - chef Chris Oh and brothers Ted and Yong Kim - who decided to wrap the flavors of Korean bbq in a casing. Their specialties include kalbi sausage topped with kimchi relish and garlic-jalapeno aioli, or spicy pork topped with apple-cabbage slaw. At the new shop, which is in the same Sawtelle complex at Tsujita Noodles and Coffee Tomo, you'll find those, as well as a chicken sauage, vegetarian, and any you see on GFTR, in cases to buy by the pound, or cooked to order. It's not a huge space, but very open with high ceilings, a small counter and an open kitchen. There's no booze, although Yong dropped hints that if they did a second location, it will be more sit-down with a bar.

Talking about how the rest of the country took to Korean-flavored sausage, Yong says: "People who might not know Korean bbq are more likely to try it because it comes in a hot dog form." True. Americans do love their dogs. Seoul Sausage debuted at the LA Street Fest in 2010, and the trio will be there again this year on July 21. You can also find the sausages at the Los Feliz Street Fair on July 22, and at Plate by Plate in August. The shop is located at 11313 Mississippi Avenue.


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