7/26/2012 02:36:00 PM

Sam Choy's Pineapple Express: Food Truck of the Week

You already know that food trucks aren't just starting points for budding young chefs. Big names have jumped behind the wheel before, people like Ludovic Lefebvre and Jose Andres, and now you can add Sam Choy, the "godfather of Hawaiian cuisine," to the list. His Pineapple Express truck just hit the streets of LA this week, bringing poke, Kalua pork sandwiches and Mauie Wowie chopped salads to those starved for a taste of the islands.

Choy is a James Beard Award-winning chef and one of the early contributors of contemporary Pacific Rim cuisine. He has numerous restaurants across the Hawaiian islands and did a cooking show - the man is known. Instead of opening a restaurant in LA, he turned to the road, partnering with former Lakers chef Jefferey Mora, to serve poke in every form (by itself, in salads, as parfait), pork rubbed with Haeila sea salt and slow-roasted in banana leaves, and wraps filled with firecracker rice, crispy fish and fruit salsa. The truck will be at the Toyota Museum today at 6 PM in Torrance (19600 Van Ness Ave.) where Choy will whip up some poke, and after that, follow the truck's whereabouts on Twitter and Facebook.


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