7/23/2012 10:04:00 AM

Rooftop Bar 230 Fifth Debuts $2,300 Hot Dog

How do you make a hot dog worth $2,300? Well, if you're rooftop bar 230 Fifth, it's a multi-step process. They just put together a 230 Fifth dog, which is designed to raise money for City Harvest, a charity that feeds hungry New Yorkers. First, they started with the meat - the foot-long dog is made with marbled wagyu that has been dry aged for 60 days and laced with black truffles. The brioche bun is smeared with white-truffle butter and topped with fancy ketchup and mustard. The onions that adorn the frankfurter are caramelized in Dom Perignon and balsamic vinegar that costs $389 a bottle. The sauerkraut is similarly fancy - it's made with platinum oscetra caviar. Oh, and if that still isn't fancy enough for you, they throw some edible gold leaf on there for good measure. The dog must be ordered 48 hours in advance, which you can do by calling 212-725-4300.


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