7/23/2012 02:51:00 PM

Presidio Social Club Flip Flops on Foie Gras (at Least Officially)

Well that didn't last very long. Just a week after the Presidio Social Club invoked its Federal Land status to skirt around the newly enacted foie gras band and boldly added a foie gras slider to its menu, the controversial delicacy is now off the menu.

Loopholes aside, it seems that the restaurant's landlord, The Presidio Trust, wasn't so down with it. According to Inside Scoop, the trust's executive director Craig Middleton disagreed with the decision to sell foie gras which he said was "inconsistent with the values that we promote in the Presidio – sustainability, respect for our environment, responsible stewardship." A call to PSC confirmed that the slider is indeed off the menu, and when pressed if one could just ask for it, the receptionist faithfully repeated Tang's carefully worded concession to the Presidio Trust that: "it's not on the menu or being promoted."

We were tempted to swing by ourselves and test it out in person, but foie gras at 11 AM is a little too rich for our blood. However we're hearing rumors of other Bay Area restaurants taking a more wink-and-a-nod approach to serving their secret stash. Have you had any illicit skirmishes with foie gras since the ban kicked in? Tell us in the comments below.


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