7/17/2012 03:46:00 PM

NYC Will Get First Branch of Bonefish Grill This August

Grub at Bonefish Grill
Stop the presses - the fooderati may have been clamoring for an outpost of In-N-Out Burger, but we've got something even more earth shattering. A new location of Bonefish Grill is coming to Staten Island. Freak. Out. Ok, we jest, but Bonefish acutally has some bonafides according to our last Fast Food Survey - it was rated as the third best Full Service chain and beat out Red Lobster to take the Top Seafood award. There are a couple locations in New Jersey but this will be the first one to set up shop in NYC proper. The location is scheduled to open near the end of August. Now if we could just get a Carrabbas (280 Marsh Ave.; 718-761-5628).


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