7/17/2012 12:27:00 PM

Neighborhood Gems: 11 Summer Standbys in NYC

Suteishi near the South Street Seaport
Summer in the city has its pluses (rooftop bars, alfresco dining) and minuses, especially when the heat cracks that 90-degree mark. There's the sweaty subway, the garbage piling up outside on the curb, the surly attitudes - when it's that hot out, the only thing you want to do is take refuge at your corner restaurant. For this edition of Neighborhood Gems, we've rounded up 11 off-the-radar places that serve as good hiding spots from the heat. Many of these are based on your suggestions - click through the slideshow to see our picks, and let us know about more local standbys in the comments.


  1. Hudson Beach Cafe is terrible, terrible - the food is just awful. It is really depressing, I wish it were better, I would eat there all summer long as it is such a nice spot to be. It is as if the owner gave up and decided not to try at all. If they aren't getting as many people as they used to it is because it is such depressingly bad food. The city should give the concession to a restauranteur that loves food and wants to something good.

  2. Dannyboy says that I LOVE THIS PLACE and thought I'd share this little known NYC secret with you. I know Anonymous disagrees with my recommendation to include Hudson River Cafe as a S Neighborhood Gem, but I expect that's why he's posting anonymously. I'm Dan and I've lived on the UWS for 40 years AND NEVER MISS A CHANCE TO STOP FOR THE BEST SUNSET!

    The food's better than Anonymous says. There's even a new chef who I vouch for.

    Who are you going to believe...Mr or Ms or Mrs (or whatever) Anonymous or the person recommending the Hudson Beach Cafe in the first place.

    I'll see you there.


  3. To everyone who made it out on Sunday:

    Great to have the good cheer. Even considering the lack of Olympics coverage, did have a good time.

    I guess I'd rather be in a friendly atmosphere than in a Top 10.



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