7/31/2012 04:20:00 PM

Murray's Cheese Now Selling Beer, Cheese Bar Pouring Alcoholic Kombucha

Last week we dropped by the new Murray's Cheese Bar to check out their new fromage selection and we couldn't stay away - today we dropped by again today and learned a few new things about alcoholic beverages in the Murray's-verse. First up, the original cheese shop has started selling beer. They have dozens of labels to choose from, and word has it that there are many beer geeks in the house that will be more than happy to give you some help picking the perfect pairing.

Over at the cheese bar, we spotted something on draft that we've never seen before: alcoholic kombucha. Places like Lexington Brass pour a non-boozy variety on draft, but that won't get you tipsy. The stuff is light and tastes just like the regular version of the tea, but there is a kick lying underneath, as the stuff is more than 6% alcohol. Expect this to be used in some funky fromages.


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