7/10/2012 11:19:00 AM

Massive Beachfront Eatery La Marina Now Open Way Uptown

The Dyckman Marina sits way up at the tippy top of Manhattan, and it's served as a ferry terminal, boat building facility and a landing pad for marine planes. Now, it's playing host to La Marina, a massive new bar and restaurant complex that provides stunning views of the George Washington Bridge to those lucky enough to have yachts at the docks or brave enough to take the A Train to the Dyckman Street exit.

The new beachfront eatery is nestled between Inwood Park and Fort Tryon and is just below The Cloisters, so dwellers of Manhattan's lower reaches can make a day trip out of it. The 500-seats in the establishment are broken up across numerous buildings - there's a full-service restaurant, a lounge by the waterfront and and three bars, including a beachy one that makes us thing of the suttered Water Taxi Beaches (sigh). There is a marina / launch area with 22 slips coming in 2013 as well, for those that want to sail up for a beverage. Right now the menu contains alfresco-friendly fare like raw bar offerings, mussels and tuna burgers. Check out the food selection below and learn more about the restaurant here (348 Dyckman St.; 212-567-6300).


  1. Really, to say something like ..."brave enough to take the A Train to the Dyckman Street exit." is incredibly foul. It comes off as you being apprehensive towards people (and neighborhoods) of color. Completely snobbish.

  2. @inkedAG.Agreed.Another ignorant comment from someone who thinks that they know New York.STFU and just report.

  3. Be aware that La Marina has two personalities. It is the Boat Basin on weeknights and by day, but on weekends and late at night turns into a raucous Dominican nightclub. You could say that the west-of-Broadway location (which is filled with Upper West Side refugees) is overcome by the large east-of-Broadway population (which comprises most of Inwood) as the night goes on.

    One tip - DO NOT DRIVE A CAR TO LA MARINA. YOU WILL WAIT FOR AN HOUR IN TRAFFIC JUST TO GET NEAR THE PLACE. And the valet is $20. Seriously, take the subway.