7/25/2012 04:56:00 PM

Lush Alert: Salume Introduces Liquor-Infused Paninis

Salume has impressed with the selection of panini at their Soho store and recently branched out to feed the hungry tourists with a kiosk in Times Square. This summer, the Downtown original is tweaking its concept, introducing tasting boards built around the salumi and cheese that are stacked into their sandwiches. That's not what got our attention though. These three words did: liquor-infused panini.

The new sandwiches on the menu are made with artisanal spirits that are meant to "bring out the sandwiches' bold flavors." While they are just getting up and running with the concept, the offerings include a Surryano ham with asiago, fig mustard, peppermint and Bulliet rye. Grappa lovers might want to try the mortadella with cave-aged salva cremasco, gherkins, watercress and Il Moscato di Nonino. While these sandwiches won't get you tipsy, they've certainly peeked our interest. We'll grab one on the way to happy hour (212-226-8111).


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