7/30/2012 04:30:00 PM

Luckyrice Night Market Hits Helms Bakery This Weekend

The Charleston's Jet Tila (middle) will be at Luckyrice LA
After one finally got its ish together this past weekend, and another planned for the Los Angeles Food & Wine fest in a few weeks, it seems Asian night markets are the new food truck festivals this year. Next up: the popular Luckyrice Night Market, which made a splash in New York and Las Vegas, hits LA this weekend (August 4) at the Helms Bakery complex in Culver City.

Host chef Sang Yoon (Lukshon) welcomes 15 local and national biggies, including Bryant Ng (Spice Table), Kris Yenbamroong (Night + Market) and Jenee Kim (Parks BBQ), all serving dishes like spicy lamb bacon with laksa dressing and moo sadong (spicy pork salad). Don't be surprised to see Yoon's spicy chicken pops, too. There's a roster of mixologists on hand, which means those cocktails come with the ticket price ($50, or $88 for VIP). Buy your way in right here. And you know what's close by? The new Expo Line Culver City Station. Make it easy on yourself and go Metro.


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