7/23/2012 04:03:00 PM

London's Wasabi Sushi Coming To NYC's Times Square

Individually wrapped sushi 
Another Asian-inspired London-transplant is gearing up to join Hakkasan near Times Square. Wasabi, a chain that specializes in individually wrapped sushi and bento at their 29 locations in London, will open a NYC flagship in a 3,400-foot space at 561 Seventh Avenue. Will this be like a Japanese Pret a Manger? The bi-level space will be the first in a series of locations planned for Manhattan. The Fashion District outpost will feature a minimalist design and dishes like sushi, sashimi, curries and chicken teriyaki. The opening is about a year away, with a projected date of Spring 2013. The chain hopes to announce even more locations within 18 months.

Photo: elinar via Flickr 


  1. When I was living in London, I looooooved going to Wasabi for food. Their sushi rolls are fresh and convenient. Also love their chicken curry. Hope they expand to end up in the Chicago area!

  2. Can't wait they open in Manhattan. We are in Winter 2013 and nothing moves yet. I hope they open before Christmas. That will be a very nice Christmas present for me and my wife :)

  3. Opened recently in NYC. Must be a soft opening because they are leaving a ton of money on the table for Dean & Deluca to run away with. For starters they don't open before 10am. By then D&D have been selling sushi to go for over an hour. Some New Yorkers dont have time to leave work at lunch time, they have to pick it up in the morning on their way to work. But worse is that Wasabi do not prepare food to order. It's take whats out, while its out, or you're out of luck. This is stupid. New Yorkers eat as soon as they get out of work and by 6pm Wasabi is out of food. Just like Pret Manger is only a lunch place. But Wasabi isn't just sandwiches, it offers dinner food. Except not at dinner time... Huh? Yeah makes no sense. They obviously didn't change the system to suit the NYC professional work routine. Meanwhile the typical professional gets a $30 dinner allowance on popular websites like Seamless Web. That's hundreds if not thousands of dollars in sales (per hour) that Wasabi is leaving behind because theres no cooking going at dinner time. In twenty years of working in NYC I've never witnessed a new business intentionally withholding a popular product with obvious demand for the product.

  4. Yes, I completely agree with the above comment except in London Wasabi always had all the types of fresh sushi available and chefs preparing hot food until closing time which, for some of the branches like the always busy Victoria Station, was midnight. So I really wish Wasabi Times Square could catch up with the original type of business set up in London to avoid having dissatisfied customers. After all if I go to a sushi place I expect to eat what's on the menu not having to wait 20 minutes to find out what the chef could be bothered to cook at 7 in the evening to then find out you, of curse, only have a very limited choice! So until then, Wasabi, you have lost my business!