7/25/2012 02:00:00 AM

London Spotlight: Where To Eat For The Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics start Friday in London and the British capital's restaurants are going to be very, very busy. It's such a big deal that we're doing something we've never done before: offering you an exclusive sneak peek at our upcoming London Restaurants guide, which will launch later this fall. If you're traveling to witness the games or planning a vacation for later this summer, these 40 eateries are worth a visit. Check out the digital edition of Spotlight on London: Winning Picks for Summer 2012 here.

The guide was created in partnership with Oakley, Inc. and the athletes will also get to browse through categories like Hotel Dining and British Pubs (though, it's probably best to avoid those until after your events). It will be distributed on tablets and computers in the Oakley Athlete Safehouse, a London sanctuary where 700+ Oakley athletes from around the world (and their families) can come and relax during the games and enjoy, among other amenities, some select wines from the Zagat wine club. Sweet, but like the pubs, we hope they wait to hit those 'til after the medals are won!

Also, be sure to vote for your favorite London spots in our Shopping and Food survey, which is live now right here.


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