7/10/2012 12:30:00 PM

Liberté! Presidio Social Club Exempt From Foie Gras Ban

Well, it’s not like we weren’t expecting loopholes, work-arounds and unenforceable policies, but it seems as if San Francisco’s Presidio Social Club has figured out a perfectly legal way to get around the pesky, newly enacted California ban on foie gras. You see, the restaurant, set in former army barracks in the Presidio Park, actually resides on federal land, and therefore it is not beholden to the rules of California. And to celebrate, it plans to coincide its freedom by combining two independences together this weekend - Bastille Day for the French of yesteryear, and the right to serve foie gras to modern-day Californians. And what better way to do that than with a star-spangled American twist on a French tradition - namely a foie gras slider served on a housemade toasted brioche bun, paired with a Sauternes cocktail for a very democratic price of $20.

Beginning at 4 PM on Saturday July 14, the foie slider will be offered at PSC and will continue to do so until the further notice (or the PETA police figure out a way to stop them). Additionally, this coming weekend, the Presidio Social Club with be hosting a special sit-down prix fixe Bastille Day dinner for two that will include a bottle of Chateau Dom Du Dragon Grenache Rosé. The three-course meal, which includes a butter lettuce salad with champagne vinaigrette and fine herbs, wood-oven-roasted cotes du boeuf with frites and profiteroles to finish, will be available on July 14 and 15 starting at 5 PM for $48 per person. And yes, for those who want foie with that, guests can add a seared lobe of you-know-what to their meal for an extra $18.

Presidio Social Club, 563 Ruger St. in the Presidio; 415-885-1888


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