7/30/2012 03:25:00 PM

Jason Santos Hosts Hell's Kitchen Dinner and Party

Jason Santos of Blue Inc.
On August 13, chef Jason Santos of Blue Inc. is going to hell - and he’s in good company. The former Hell’s Kitchen contestant and runner-up has invited Fran Waters-Klier, Ed Battaglia, Jim McGloin and Salvatore Coppola, from seasons six and seven, to create a meal themed around the show.

The evening includes viewing the FOX program, though there’s no confirmation whether or not Santos is on it again. (We can only speculate that if he’s making such a big to do…).  His buds are pulling together hors d’oeuvres, and Santos has a three-course prix fixe dinner that includes a choice of pan-seared scallops with crispy cauliflower or lobster spaghetti with chilies and garlic; miso-marinated black cod
 with lobster dumplings or New York strip steak with truffle polenta fries; and for dessert, fig bread pudding (dinner 5-6:30 PM, party starts at 7 PM, with a DJ after the TV show ends; $10 for passed appetizers, $50 for the meal; 617-261-5353).


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