7/25/2012 12:56:00 PM

How John Sedlar's Garden Grows at Playa

Sedlar's roof-to-plate vision
Chef gardens have reached an all-time high, literally, at Playa, where chef/owner John Sedlar and partner Bill Chait created an aeroponic vertical garden on the roof of the Beverly Boulevard restaurant. Comprised of 35 drip-irrigated towers, Sedlar and his kitchen crew oversee unique and rare edibles like pac choi, Tuscan black kale, Black Cherry tomatoes, Peaches and Cream corn, Padron peppers, borage flowers and more. The rooftop greens are already making their way onto a plate of Iberico jamon, in salads, and as garnishes of some of Sedlar's more inventive pan-Latin dishes. Of course you'll find Cielo Verde produce in the cocktails, too. Now that people will be able to grow their own medical marijuana, maybe ... we kid.


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