7/24/2012 10:04:00 AM

Hot Reservations: New York's 7 Toughest Tables

You'd think that dinners costing upward of $300 would be turnoffs in this post-recession era, but judging by some of New York's hardest-to-get reservations, hundreds of people are clamoring for the pleasure to plonk down a wad of cash on a single meal. Many of NYC's trickiest tables also host the city's most expensive dinners - click through our slideshow to see which are the toughest restaurant reservations to score. We've included some tips for gaining access, but in some cases, begging, cheating and stealing wouldn't even be enough, so good luck!


  1. Should Rao's in NYC even be listed as a public restaurant?

  2. Not for me. I'm just a Brooklyn guy who loves having dinner out with my wife. Just like a lot of other Brooklyn guys. But I'm not willing to jump through hoops and spend minutes or hours on the phone in the hope of getting a reservation weeks away. I think the restaurants are very lucky: they're in a zone where they can charge high prices and have a line out the door all the time. If I owned a restaurant, I'd want to be in that zone too.

    But I'm not a restaurant owner and I don't have any access to inside info or secret phone numbers. So even though I might be able to afford these places, and even though I might really appreciate their cuisine, I'm out of the running before the race even starts.

    Give me a solid neighborhood place where the food is reliably good, sometimes a lot more than good, and I am greeted like a valued patron.

    That's my speed.

  3. Rao's is a joke. The sauce is nothing to write home about; I make better.

    It's all about the hype with Rao's - people always want to try something they can't get and a table at Rao's just happens to be one of those things.

    There are LITERALLY hundreds of MUCH BETTER Italian joints in NYC, stop wasting your time with this place and go eat at one where they actually WANT your business. Trust me, the owners will appreciate and treat you with the respect that paying customers actually deserve.

    1. As a RAO'S regular, you just seem to be spewing sour grapes Ben.... The food is delicious and I'm treated like family. What more could anyone ask for ??

  4. I had no problem getting a table for 2, and I was just visiting friends in NYC. Torrissi is a TINY little place and I didn't see one Italian in the kitchen. Their wine list was pricy, good selections though.