7/17/2012 04:51:00 PM

Hot Dog Smackdown: Philly's Best Franks

SquareBurger's Philly Dog comes wrapped in salami
From Memorial Day to Labor Day each year, Americans eat approximately seven billion hot dogs. (In case you’re wondering, that comes out to 818 wieners consumed each second.) Though Philly was home to Levi’s, launched in 1895 as one of the earliest hot dog purveyors, up until a couple years ago, there wasn’t a lot of choice if you wanted a frank on the go. Happily, that lack has been well addressed in recent years, and we now have several beef-in-bun offerings from which to choose. With National Hot Dog Day coming up on July 23, we put several of the best to the test with a smackdown, so you know where to head to get your summer frankfurter fix.


  1. Cheese Dawgs in Feastervile is the cleanist,friendliest, and hands downd the best.
    If you can walk in there and tell them there is better please do.