7/20/2012 12:00:00 PM

Healthy San Franciscans or Healthy Profits? A Damning New Report

Will that ubiquitous Healthy SF fee be going away?
According to the Inside Scoop, a San Francisco civil grand jury just released a scathing 29-page report on the loopholes that have allowed restaurateurs to profit from collecting those so-called Healthy San Francisco fees that have crept up on your bill since the city implemented an employee health care mandate back in 2008. While heralding the Healthy San Francisco act as an commendable step in ensuring the "delivery of health care to the uninsured," the grand jury lambasted the way in which the law has played out, which has shown to be be neither favorable to employee workers nor customers, but has resulted in substantial profits for restaurants. The grand jury made a series of recommendations to rectify the situation, including disallowing the use of third-party health care programs in lieu of participating in the city’s program. Here's the full report if you're dying to wade through it.

Back in the 2009 Zagat Bay Area Restaurant survey, 23% of surveyors said they supported the surcharge. Where do you stand on it today? (And could that be one of the reasons San Franciscans are the lowest tippers in the nation?) Tell us in the comments below.


  1. We are investigating possible fraud and potential legal action related to the Healthy SF surcharge. If you believe you have been a victim of such fraud, please contact us at healthysfinvestigation@gmail.com. All messages will be kept confidential.

  2. I did support the surcharge until reading this news, which I was unaware of. Healthy San Francisco is a wonderful program... my son has benefited from it since leaving his job for graduate school in San Francisco. He was unable to get private insurance because of pre-existing conditions. It's sad that San Francisco restaurants would be benefiting from the surcharge and their workers not.

    Having the surcharge on our bill hasn't influenced the amount(%) we tip.