7/24/2012 09:55:00 AM

Hash House a Go-Go Opens Today To Bust Beach Bodies in the Gold Coast

Ribs served with a small forest of garnishes
Let’s face some facts: if you haven’t achieved that beach body by August 1 then it’s not going to happen this season. Here to help ruin the remainder of your summer fitness goals is Hash House a Go Go, opening today in the Gold Coast with “twisted farm food.”

What does twisted farm food entail? Try a tower of waffles served with two sage-fried chicken breasts and hickory smoked bacon for dinner. For lunch there is a one-pound burger stuffed with a choice of mushrooms and Swiss, roasted red peppers and mozzarella or bacon and mashed potatoes. Pop in for brunch and attack the “O’hare of the Dog”  that consists of a 24-oz. Budweiser served in a brown paper bag with a side of bacon.

The d├ęcor is chrome meets corn where red leather booths are decorated with wheat. The walls display black-and-white photos of farms, and the bar is seemingly made from leftover corrugated metal from Uncle Joe’s silo. That bar serves beer including Half Acre Daisy Cutter as well as cocktails, so diners are properly intoxicated before diving into their personal mountain of food. Good, since when you're tipsy, you don't think about the calories.

The restaurant sits four blocks away from the lake, perfect for a post-meal jog or just to admire those sun bathers who did not succumb to the gluttonous calling of Hash House.

1212 N. State Pkwy., 312-202-0994


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