7/09/2012 10:42:00 AM

Grass Fed: Bucktown Steakhouse Solving the Food Envy Epidemic

Buyers’ remorse, it happens to the best of us - even when you order what you want, it can be hard not to glance over at an adjacent table and think, “wow their dish looks so much better/fresher/juicier/more colorful/appetizing than mine.” Well, what if a restaurant could eliminate that problem?

Grass Fed, currently in soft opening mode and officially opening on the 21st, is a one-dish wonder. We don’t mean one dish shines brighter than the rest on the menu, we mean there only is one dish on the menu - steak.

Can a restaurant survive with a single dish? Despite its basic approach and relatively minimal setting (think white walls, a black ceiling and color that comes from green banquette seating), a meal at Grassfed is not that simple. Dinner service is a two-course prix fixe for $25 that includes a market salad and housemade bread, followed by sliced sirloin with fries served in two parts (so the steak doesn’t get cold and diners are never short of fries). They also feature rotating seasonal sides such as sunchokes with bacon and cippolini onions, and for dessert, there is rhubarb crumble with asparagus ice cream. 

As far as beverages, behind the bar you'll find infusions such as chai and vanilla in bourbon, which is mixed with lemonade, carbonated and bottled for a boozy take on an Arnold Palmer - the Arnold Shankar.

The limited food and drinks offering only apply to the dinner service. Partners Josh Schonfeld, Scott Kay and Blake Bible along with executive chef Cody Butler are hoping to offer a farm-to-table lunch and brunch menu with the same approach, but with more varied options.

Though note for vegetarians - have no fear, the majority of side offerings are meat-free and there is an off-menu vegetarian option.

1721 N. Damen Ave.; 773-698-8852


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