7/18/2012 03:03:00 PM

Forbes Releases Bizarre List of Top-Grossing Restaurants

Behold, the top-grossing restaurant in the US, uh...
Forbes has released its yearly list of the richest chefs which contains all the usual suspects - Gordon Ramsay at #1, Rachael Ray at #2, Wolfgang Puck - #3, you can see the full top ten list here. But what we found most interesting was its list of the top-grossing restaurants that accompanied the Richest Chefs list, ranking an unassuming seafood restaurant, Bob Chinn's Crabhouse in Wheeling, IL at #1 - with reported earnings of $24 million a year. Whaaa? FYI the list was compiled using CHD Expert and excludes alcohol sales. Yeah...we're pretty sure alcohol sales are how most restaurants turn any kind of profit. Check out the rest of this wackadoo list here.


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