7/27/2012 06:38:00 PM

Foie Gras Update: Chez TJ To Up Its Fight Against the Ban

The Presidio Social Club may have caved into its landlord’s request not to challenge the foie gras ban but don’t think Bay Area chefs have stopped challenging the ban or have curbed their efforts to repeal the law. In fact, executive chef and Under 30 Joseph Elenterio of Chez TJ in Mountain View, who garnered lots of media attention last month for flagrantly gifting away the outlawed delicacy, tells us that starting Tuesday July 31st, he’ll start gifting foie gras away with a minimum $20 donation to C.H.E.F.S., the coalition of California-based chefs and industry professionals who oppose the ban but support broader standards of humane farming practices.

In an exclusive, Elenterio tells The Buzz, “this is a great way to bring awareness to the issue and help a great cause. We are currently getting our ducks in a row for lobbying next year, and as you know this takes money.” To skirt around the ban that forbids restaurants from charging for foie gras, customers that wants to support the cause will get a separate bill for the donation fee (which can be paid for via credit card or debit card). The “gift” will be available to all customers regardless of whether they order the tasting or gastronomique menu.

But that ain’t all folks. Elenterio is planning an event at Chez TJ in mid-August called “Discover Foie Gras.” “It will be a picnic of sorts,” explains Elenterio, “an open house with loads of free foie for people to try.” He hasn’t determined the date yet so stay tuned.

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  1. Good for him. But instead of this campaign of "don't legislate what we eat or how we prepare our food" which valid, I think it's more important to be open and explain the process and even show videos of a typical day at a family-owned foie gras farm which will educate people by showing them a process that's much more mundane and responsible than how people imagine it is or are led to believe in those snip and tuck propoganda videos sent out by vegan organizations.