7/23/2012 11:40:00 AM

Fast-Casual 'Burg Battle: Blue Collar's Burger vs. Lake Trout's Fish Sandwich

Blue Collar's Burger and Lake Trout's Fish Sandwich
Opening less than a week and a block apart, Blue Collar, a burger shop with decor and prices reminiscent of the 1950’s, and Lake Trout, a 1970s-style crab shack straight out of Baltimore, aim to transform the fast-casual dining experience in Williamsburg.

Though some might argue it isn’t logical to compare a cut of cow to a displaced ocean dweller, we just couldn’t wait till the Army/Navy game to answer the age old question: who wins the battle of land versus sea?

At Blue Collar, The Flat Top Burger, a moist patty whose slightly seared edges peek out from underneath a soft seedless bun, arrives dressed with lettuce, onions, pickles, tomatoes, and a coating of special sauce. A sign of any great burger is that its consistency, tenderness, and taste work together to balance each other out, and Blue Collar’s basic burger excels in this area. Though cheese and doubling up on your beef are optional, don’t let size fool you: a burger, bun, and toppings are going to have you leaving with your stomach full.

A few feet away at Lake Trout, the Cheese Fish “Sangwich” as its known, offers patrons a dish you probably won’t find anywhere else in New York City. Fried pollack arrives in a crisp, neat square, smothered by tangy Velveeta cheese atop a seeded potato roll. Lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce mash together to help cool off the fresh out of the fryer taste. The balance of flavors and texture (there’s really nothing like the sound of that initial crunch) work well to showcase the juicy sea creature in all of its glory.

While it’s hard to vote against an affordable burger done right, this time, we’re giving the edge to Lake Trout for helping return the fish sandwich to relevancy this summer. Luckily, with both locations offering a variety of dishes that will leave your stomach and wallet full, it’s safe to say this is a match up we don’t mind participating in week in and week out.

If you want to stop by and try this smackdown yourself, Blue Collar is located at 160 Havemeyer Street, Store #2 (347-725-3837) while Lake Trout is located at 160 Havemeyer Street, Store #5 (718-782-3474).


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