7/25/2012 11:55:00 AM

Farm-To-Table Becomes Tank-To-Table at L2O

Say hello to L2O's lobster 
Chefs working the line at L2O just got some company in the kitchen. Last week the restaurant installed a massive 200-gallon salt-water fish tank, and the restaurant is stocking it with some Brittany blue lobster and abalone to start off. The idea is to do the nautical version of farm-to-table, aka tank-to-table. Sea creatures will have a chance to chill out in the H20 after their journey from the sea - chef Matthew Kirkley (a recent 30 under 30 honoree) actually worked with the Old Towne Aquarium to make sure the custom-designed chamber was ideal for supporting ocean life. That means salt water from the red sea, seaweed from the California bay area to feed the abalone and live coral reefs to filter the tank. If you want to geek out over the new tank, check out the restaurant's blog here.


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