7/26/2012 12:54:00 PM

Coming Soon: MessHall Landing in Los Feliz Next Month

LF gets oysters soon
Rob Serritella has partnered with Bill Chait (Short Order, Rivera, Playa and Picca, among others) to turn the Los Feliz Louise's into MessHall, which finally debuts next month. What's on tap: Comfort food with a twist, courtesy chef Keith Silverton who claims Chez Panisse to Nonna's of Italy on his resume, and cocktails from barmen Julian Cox and Josh Goldman. There was a Test Kitchen-like (Chait was also involved with those) preview a few months ago, with bites like oysters and smoky cocktail sauce, a tasty pork chop with grits and greens, and a scout cookie, basically s'smores in cookie form. You get the gist. The space is open and communal, with elements that harken back to the days when Cecil B. De Mille's Willard's Chicken Inn and The Brown Derby were here.

Chait thought the restaurant would open in July, but with the typical building delays, things were pushed back. But we just got word that there will be a soft debut around mid to late August. This is great news for Greek Theatre goers - Louise's was a popular stopping point before a show, if only for the shuttle service going up the hill (crossing fingers it makes a comeback, too). And maybe the newcomer will relieve the constant crush at Little Dom's across the street. MessHall is located at 4500 Los Feliz Boulevard.

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  1. Can hardly wait for another Chait creation to open, the place looks like it is going to be fab. I did not get into the preview, but I am definitely looking for the opening!