7/23/2012 01:48:00 PM

Closing Report: Starry Kitchen, Yujean Kang's Shutter

Yujean Kang calls it quits in Pasadena
Two late breaking stories from two very different ends of the culinary spectrum in LA hit over the weekend. First, Nguyen Tran tweets that he and wife Thi are closing Starry Kitchen, the restaurant experiment the two underground restaurateurs opened at California Plaza in 2010. Tran penned a typically F-bomb-laden post on the SK site basically saying they had some missteps along the way, learned a lot about what to do and not to do with a real restaurant, and that it will close around July 31. But the two plan to reopen in California Plaza, and are also launching an "Asian family-style joint venture" with Fred Eric at Tiara Cafe. Name: Starry (Kitchen) Nights, dates TBD.

After 21 years in Pasadena, Yujean Kang's closed on July 22. According to Eater, Kang said that the economy and raising rents are the cause. Kang opened this location in 1991, bringing haute and traditional Chinese dishes like "Pictures in Snow," a soup topped with snow-white meringue with little dioramas made out of carved vegetables to Old Town. This closure goes with the changing tide of Pasadena, with new restaurants getting better and chains still pulling people in. Kang says he'll take some time off to "regain his vision about food" and perhaps make a comeback somewhere else in town.


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