7/27/2012 01:14:00 PM

Chick-Fil-AGate: Bloomberg Says Chick-Fil-A Ban "Not Going to Happen" in NYC

Image via Flickr/asterix611
San Francisco mayor Edward Lee is the latest local politician (after Boston and Chicago) to come forward in banning Chick-fil-A from opening locations in his city, based on president Dan Cathy's anti-gay remarks. But will NYC align with the likes of Boston, Chicago and SF in blocking new Chick-Fil-A's from opening? Doesn't look like it. Mayor Bloomberg told Politcker this morning that "They’re all friends but I disagree with them really strongly on this one. You can’t have a test for what the owners’ personal views are before you decide to give a permit to do something in the city. You really don’t want to ask political beliefs or religious beliefs before you issue a permit, that’s just not government’s job.” Read the full story here.


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