7/31/2012 05:11:00 PM

Chicago's 5 Best Sushi Restaurants

Sai Cafe 
Great sushi is a joy to experience, but it also can ruin you. Once you've tasted the freshest fish at an excellent Japanese eatery, it's hard to go back. Fair warning - these Chicago sushi slingers are the best of the best from our latest restaurants guide. Start hitting them up and it might be hard to go back to that cheap joint for lunch. Was your favorite Japanese joint left off the list? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Where is Coast!! The best and most fresh sushi in the state!!! Woud love to know who voted!

  2. How can you leave Tanoshii off this list??!!!

  3. Tanoshii should be on it's own list!
    Sushi Mike is a true a master.