7/06/2012 03:43:00 PM

Booze Trend: Hibiscus

The Morning Son at Gilt/Palace Gate
What’s that colorful, puckering flavor sneaking its way into boozy beverages around NYC? Hibiscus, that’s what—a deep pink flower most often recognized in herbal teas. Here’s where to sip a more potent version of the tart refresher:

DBGB The East Village’s most international beer list includes this gem from Italy: Karkade Hibiscus Saison from L’olmaia Brewery, rose-tinged with bold notes of berry for balance ($11).

Gilt The Morning Son cocktail here is a sharp, fruity combo of hibiscus/passion fruit syrup with mezcal, lime juice and chile salt ($20). A non-alcoholic popsicle version is available, too, a perfect cooler for the restaurant’s alfresco terrace, Palace Gate ($12).

The Hurricane Club The Tiki-style Hibiscus Sling combines Don Q Cristal rum, hibiscus syrup and tropical fruit juice ($12).

Super Linda The Topanga Canyon, served at this Mexican spot and its subterranean bar, El Jockey, blends Hibiscus-infused Stoli Vodka, Lychee liqueur, raspberries and Orange Crush soda ($14).

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  1. ....and Sorel by Jack From Brooklyn......