7/09/2012 02:15:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate on Vacation: Mahi Mahi at Honolulu Museum of Art

Sure, New York has plenty of standout museum dining (look no further than Untitled or The Modern), but in our experience, it's less common in other cities. Yet, while on vacation in Hawaii, we took a chance at the Honolulu Academy of Arts Cafe and were pleasantly surprised. It's easy for us to gorge on local favorites our talented relatives cook at home, which means we're tough critics when dining out (making the crowd-pleasers at the museum cafe that much more impressive). The mahi mahi dish came in a huge portion, with flavorful, fresh fish, complemented by a cold soba noodles with a cucumber-mint relish and a shoyu-lime vinaigrette. While technically a salad, this refreshing lunch option offered a bold mix of flavors and textures which didn't make us feel like we were missing out on something more (808-532-8734).


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