7/12/2012 03:01:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Uni at O2 Sushi

We're always trying to find great everyday sushi in our own part of town, but also love exploring other nabes. These aren't necessarily the city's best sushi spots - you're lucky if they are - but rather the hidden gems where the fish is fresh, the rolls are minimal, chefs are friendly, and it won't break the bank. O2 Sushi in Pasadena is a new discovery, right across from the Paseo Colorado complex, a spot a friend recommended. Isn't that the best way to find great sushi? Our chef was very happy with the uni last night ("very fresh, very sweet"), and we completely agree. It, and everything he recommended, did not disappoint. Ok, neither did the half-price Sapporo. So what's your favorite neighborhood sushi joint?


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