7/03/2012 09:26:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Pulled Pork Tacos at Mesa Coyoacan

Mesa Coyoacan, a neighborhood standby near the Graham L Stop in E. Williamsburg, is still serving up some very solid Mexican fare years after opening. It's probably our favorite Mexican spot in the area due to its consistently delicious tacos, ceviches and its esquites (corn doused with cream and cheese and served in a tall glass). Our favorite dish during a recent visit were the pulled pork tacos (de cochinita pibil) served with thin pickled red onion, chunks of avocado and pickled orange. The pork is braised in an achiote sauce giving it an intense savory flavor, it's then topped off with sharp onion and orange and spiky-hot habanero all of which cuts through the unctuous pork, making it a perfectly balanced bite. Mesa Coyoacan is located at 372 Graham Avenue.


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