7/26/2012 03:44:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Baco Mercat's Picadillo Coca

After nibbling on a few scarce things at a party downtown, we needed sustenance. Of course there are a gazillion new restaurants we need to check out, but we were too hungry to think, and all we could think about was Baco Mercat. Josef Centeno's Main Street resto was certifiably packed...on a Wednesday...after 9 PM. Who said Angelenos don't eat late? We ordered some drinks, decided on a few small plates and bacos, and soon after we uttered the words "Oooh...the Picadillo coca sounds great," it landed on our table.

Centeno's cocas are these delicious crispy flatbreads topped with things like merguez, harissa and feta, to guanciale, ricotta and fried egg. But this one - ground beef, tomatillo, cheddar and creme fraiche - just sounded so old-school. "When you're drunk, this is exactly what you think Taco Bell tastes like," our friends said. It's also a taste of what's to come at Centeno's forthcoming Downtown LA Tex-Mex spot, Bar Ama, which he'll begin construction on soon. That coca was perfect, and we weren't even drunk (yet).


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