7/24/2012 02:24:00 PM

Anthony Bourdain Barnstorms Chicago for The Layover

If you thought that was Anthony Bourdain that you saw last weekend when you were out and about, well, it probably was. The television host was in town to shoot an episode of The Layover, and reports have him visiting a number of restaurants around town. He thought Girl and the Goat was "magnificent" and also had good things to say about Johnnie's Beef ("the glory that is Chicago"). The television host was apparently plenty thirsty when he was making the rounds, hitting up The Hideout and while there was some dispute whether he actually was going to drop by Budacki's, word is that he came for a quick shoot over the weekend. No word on when exactly the episode will be aired, but according to his Twitter account, he is in Philly right now for a similar whirl.


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