7/27/2012 11:57:00 AM

A Different Dose: Big Changes at the Monthly Market

For the past year, Dose Market delivered a delicate balance of food and fashion once a month at River East Arts Center. The carefully curated list of select vendors featured some of the most respected chefs in the city, previews of dishes from soon-to-open restaurants, artisan chocolatiers and pastry makers, vintage designers, antique home accessories and more.

This collection of artists had been organized by Heather Sperling, Emily Fiffer, Jessica Herman and April Francis – who respectively work for Tasting Table, Daily Candy, Time Out Chicago and the fashion industry - until this month. Sperling circulated an email announcing that three of the four founders were leaving Dose to pursue independent project, leaving Francis the sole curator.

This month will be the first Dose Market that Francis undertakes on her own. Looking at the list of participating vendors, it lacks the star power we were used to forking over the $10 entrance fee for. Ripasso will serve a pasta dish while Shaw’s Crab House will offer lobster rolls. The food line up is especially sweet-heavy with Doughnuts by Glazed and Infused plus iced teats by Salted Caramel. The non-edible offerings are slightly more impressive with photography by Debbie Carlos, vintage glassware by Dinner Party along with five women’s clothing vendors.

Will Francis be able to bring Dose back to its former glory without the support of her well-connected colleagues? It does not appear so - Eater, Chicagoist and Grubstreet have similar apprehensions - which is why we have two Sunday market alternatives.

The Randolph Street Market takes place this weekend with a selection of antiques as well as specialty food items in the fancy food market. One under-the-radar market is the Logan Square Farmers Market which takes place each Sunday from 10 AM to 3 PM. This market does not get the same crowds as Saturdays at Green City Market, but the quality and variety of produce, flowers and pre-prepared specialties are abundant.

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  1. Not much fancy at Randolph Market if you like good food. Hot sauce, some chocolates, roasted nuts, empanadas along with a tent of middle eastern food. The crepes are good but if you are looking for food specialties, this market isn't it. I tried it last month, was disappointed. More like carnival or street fair offerings.