7/09/2012 12:35:00 PM

The 20 Best Restaurants in NYC

With one half of the year down and another to go, it's time to make some dining out plans for the second half of 2012. We've pulled our Top Food list from our 2012 New York City Restaurants Survey to help you keep your eye on the prize when you're thinking about where to make those special rezzies for late summer and fall. Click through the slideshow below to glance the best restaurants that the city has to offer and click here to check out our list of the 20 hottest new restaurants of 2012.


  1. Peter Luger's is the only "interesting" restaurant on here. Maybe this should be called "Top 10 Stuffy Overpriced Restaurants". With all the restaurants in NYC, I think we can come up with a better top 10. Maybe we need a criteria for the "Best" restaurant.

    1. If an old steakhouse full of tourists and servers who don't give a shit is interesting, then yes Peter Luger is indeed very much so.

  2. Maybe a list of the Top 10 Restaurants for mere mortals?

  3. Actually, at least Danny Brown absolutely is for "mere mortals." The bill is much less than in comparable restaurants in Manhattan, and both the crowd and the staff are very down to earth, friendly and, if you will, "normal." And the food is excellent, inventive, and not over th the top. We've been twice (you're better of with a car schlepping to Forrrest Hills though) and enjoyed it each time.

  4. It's clear that different people have different tastes. I do consider myself a "mere mortal" and eating at Daniel or Eleven Madison Park has been amazing. Expensive, but totally worth it.